Help Us Translate Worksheet Crafter

Our goal is to help teachers and students in primary and secondary schools around the world. To do that, our software, Worksheet Crafter, needs to be  translated into many different languages. As of today, it is available in German and English, and will soon be available in Portuguese.

To translate it into other languages, we have two options: contact translators or enlist the help of other passionate teachers who share our vision for making worksheet creation easier and more fun. We prefer the second option, and we hope you do too.

If you are fluent in French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish or pretty much any other language besides German, English and Portuguese, we need your help!

Just head over to our translation portal: http://translate.worksheetcrafter.com. As soon as you set up an account, you can get started translating as much or as little of the software as you like.

Thank you!

Felix and Fabian Roeken