• Your Private Subscription of Worksheet Crafter

    The annnual licence, just for you, just right for class preparation.

    • Private Subscription
    • 59.90€/Year
    • A no worries solution, including all future updates.
    • Numerous Math Exercise Templates
    • Intuitive work suite in MS Office style
    • Smart Exercise Generator
    • Numerous fonts for cursive and print
    • 3000+ royalty-free Cliparts
    • Online Marketplace
    • Plus

    • Annual License, Free Updates
    • Technical Support (Email)
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  • One for all - The flexible school license for your school

    Flexible licensing for the teachers of your school. For class preparation both at school and at home.


  • Does Worksheet Crafter run on Mac OS?
    Yes. Worksheet Crafter runs both on Windows and on your Mac (with Mac OS X 10.10 or higher), not on iPads though.
  • Can you tell me more about annual licenses and updates?

    We’re working hard to constantly make Worksheet Crafter even better for you and to implement as many of your suggestions as possible. As a result, we’ll be releasing multiple Worksheet Crafter updates per year to you with new functionality, exercise templates, Clipart and much more.

    Due to customer requests, we’re including all updates for free with an annual license, and will send them to you immediately upon their release via Email. As long as you’re signed up for an annual edition, you’ll be equipped and able to work with the latest version of Worksheet Crafter at any time.

    Please note that in case you should decide to discontinue the annual edition, your license will discontinue as well, i.e. you won’t be able to use Worksheet Crafter when the time limit runs out.

    If you should prefer to pass on the free updates, but work with a fixed version of Worksheet Crafter, consider the Unlimited Edition.

  • Can I install my license on multiple machines?

    Yes, you can. See details below:

    • For Teachers: you may install your Teacher license on up to two (2) PCs/Notebooks that are your private PCs/Notebooks.
    • For Schools: for each licensed user you may install your School license on up to three (3) machines that can either be PCs/Notebooks located at your School or PCs/Notebooks of teachers that are currently employed at your School.
  • How fast will I get the software after purchase?

    If you pay by Direct Debit, PayPal, CreditCard or Purchase Order (schools only), you’ll receive your copy of Worksheet Crafter within a few minutes (or an hour at the maximum) by Email.

    In the case of Advance Payments, delivery will take a bit longer as we’ll ship your product when the payment is cashed.

  • What are the system requirements of Worksheet Crafter?

    You'll find detailed information about the required hardware and operating systemhere in our F.A.Q..