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SchoolCraft’s offering is an outstanding benefit for teachers preparing their lessons. Due to its unique combination of great ease of use, creative freedom and a smart exercise assistant along with its high professional standards Worksheet Crafter is an awesome and unrivalled solution. Susanne Schaefer, teacher and author of Zaubereinmaleins
Super solution! Angela Philipp
It‘s really incredibly time saving. Julia Nobiling
The most useful tool I‘m working with! M. Marth
Unbeatable and absolutely recommendable. Katja Iljkic
For me, this is the ideal base for worksheets. Manfred Graf
I can only recommend anyone to get a copy of it. Birgit Stude
The integrated online marketplace is very well done. Igor Krstoski
Finally a software tool that is idiot-proof to work with. Anne Gutscher
Fantastic, it‘s so easy to use - the manual is not even required. Karin Blechschmidt
I‘m able to create the most beautiful and best-arranged worksheets with it! Super! Constanze Goebel
I‘m somewhat addicted to it already when it comes to the creation of class tests or worksheets. Heike Neudel
Thanks to the tool the usual rage attacks when working with the PC have ended – no desire anymore to throw the PC out of the window!!! Susanne Slatosch