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Easy & Fun to Use

Craft your own worksheets in a few clicks. It’s fun to use, tested by 1000+ teachers, and as familiar as Microsoft Word.

Numerous Templates

Choose from professional exercises templates designed by teachers, or modify the designs with your own text.

Smart Exercise Generator

Automatically generate and tweak your templates in a few clicks, or manually create exercises whenever you want.

2300+ Clip Art Images

Freely design your worksheets using built-in clip art, speech bubbles and more. Comes with 2000+ FREE clip art designs out of the box. Find out more.

Differentiate Your Designs

Every class is different. Individualize your worksheets on the fly to meet your classroom’s individual needs.

Export to MS Word

If you use Microsoft Word, you can export full or partial worksheets into MS Word with one click.

Exchange with Other Teachers

Share your worksheets with colleagues and teachers online, and access thousands of other teacher-created templates. Join the marketplace today.

Crafted by Teachers for Teachers

Handcrafted in close cooperation with thousands of teachers who use it daily in today’s classrooms.

Regular Updates and Support

We take support seriously! We provide continual software updates to make your life easier. Contact us for help and suggestions at any time.

For Mac & Windows

Worksheet Crafter works both on Mac and Windows computers.

Use Self-Control Items

Give your students the possibility to control their results on their own. For you this just requires a few clicks.

Optionally like hand-drawn

Do you prefer your worksheets in a more creative style? With a single click you can print your worksheets as if they where hand-drawn.

Make sure to check out the 2300+ FREE clip art images that come with WorkSheet Crafter.