Worksheet Crafter 2013.3 is available!

Good news: today – two months after the release of Worksheet Crafter 2013 – we published an update with the following new features. The new version 2013.3 includes a new item for geoboards, handwriting houses for handwriting lines, an adjustable line ratio for handwriting lines, more than 300 clip arts about “trees”, and many more improvements.

If you already purchased the Premium Edition you get all these updates for free. If you already purchased the Basic Edition you get a limited update version for free. If you already purchased the Unlimited Edition you can optionally purchase a separate update package. We’ve already sent you an email with the corresponding information. If you didn’t receive our email please contact us.

Video Presentation of the New Capabilities

The following video presents some of the new capabilities in action:

New Item: The Geoboard

The geoboard for the first time introduces items for geometry exercises to Worksheet Crafter.

The geoboard’s Exercise Generator provides a range of capabilities from exercises for the topics mirroring and rotations to area and perimeter calculations to coordinate exercises. You can manually adjust the rubber bands without any effort. You can also access a comprehensive library containing predefined shapes.

Here you find a detailed record of the supported exercise shapes:


In the above mentioned short video you find a graphic description of the several capabilities and exercise forms. Just have a look at it.

Adjustable Line Ratio for Handwriting Lines

You can now customize the line ratio of the handwriting lines. In addition Worksheet Crafter can detect the line ratio based on the selected font. Thanks to these improvements the handwriting lines can now be used for any kind of font irrespective of the proportion of the capital and lowercase letters.

A small example: For the font “Arial” Worksheet Crafter now enlarges the area between the base and middle lines fitting both capital and lowercase letters exactly on the handwriting lines:


Handwriting House for Handwriting Lines


You can now also display a handwriting house for the handwriting lines allowing the children to detect the ascenders and descenders according to the cellar and the roof.

You can choose the colour of the handwriting house as well as the page on which it will be displayed: You can display the handwriting house on the right or on the left side of the page.

New Clip Art Collection: Trees with their Leaves, Blossoms and Fruits


Apt for the season we provide the new and comprehensive clip art collection “Trees”.

Apart from sketches of a great variety of trees this collection also includes the according leaves, blossoms, and fruits of these trees – a total of more than 300 individual drawings.

These cliparts are included in the Premium Edition. Please note that they are not included in the Basic Edition of Worksheet Crafter.


Many More Customer Requests Implemented

Apart from all these important improvements we also implemented many of your smaller requests, the requests of the best customers in the world 🙂

  • You can now customize the line colour of the handwriting line items allowing you to put the text forward.
  • The connecting lines of the number lines are now better visible when printed.
  • You can now select the function “Recalculate the Exercises for all Items” by pressing CTRL+F3. You don’t need to navigate to the main menu anymore.
  • We optimized the toolbar on the left hand side for smaller displays (net books, notebooks). It is now also possible to display a scroll bar.
  • We improved the distribution of the number operations exercises when using more than one arithmetic operation. The Exercise Generator now makes sure that all selected arithmetic operations will be used (if possible).
  • We reconfigured the print feature. You can now find the printer settings much easier while still displaying the worksheet.
  • You can now see a preview of the items and clip arts when you drag them to the worksheet. These changes further simplify the placing of new exercises and clip arts.

How do I get the new version?

If you already purchased the Basic or Premium Edition you receive this update free of charge as a part of your yearly license. We’ve already sent you an email concerning this matter. If you didn’t receive our email please contact us.

We hope you like all the improvements and we’re looking forward to your comments!

Kind Regards,

Fabian and Felix Röken

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